ScanMail Message: To Recipient virus found and action taken.

System Attendant ONLPC26-SA at
Mon Dec 3 08:14:28 GMT 2001

ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange has detected virus-infected attachment(s).

Sender = Plamen Voynovski
Recipient(s) = freebsd-users at
Subject = <no subject>
Scanning Time = 12/03/2001 16:14:26

Action on virus found:
The attachment README.MP3.scr matched file blocking settings. ScanMail has
Deleted it. 

Warning.  A virus has been detected in a file emailed to you by Plamen
Voynovski on 12/03/2001 at 04:14 PM.  If this file was unable to be cleaned,
it will have been deleted.   The sender has been notified.

This message is generated automatically by the virus protection systems used
by Infomedia, On-line Business Systems Division,  to keep your email
messages free of viruses.

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