4.0-REL to 4.4-RC

Si si at chemicalterrorism.com
Fri Aug 31 20:47:26 BST 2001

Good evening guys.

Here it is Friday night and I'm pondering this little problem, sad or what

I've just brought the laptop home. Until I can get it to 4.4-RC or possibly
5.0-CURRENT I've got no network card in FreeBSD so as usual I've booted back
into 98, ftp'd a tar of my other machines /usr/src and tried to build that.

Wont have it, looks like 4.0 and 4.4-RC sources seem to be incompatible. So
now I'm stuck.

Has anyone got a reasonably easy (Bandwidth wise, I'm on 56k) way of getting
a more recent version of FreeBSD onto this laptop.  Also on the other
machine, a p100 router, I've only got ~800mb free.

Little puzzle for ya on this fine Friday night.


"Oh yea, home at last"
A tired young sysadmin.

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