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Sun Aug 26 11:07:54 BST 2001

--On Sunday, August 26, 2001 09:32:48 +0100 Peter James
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> In my manual Complete Freebsd from Walnut Books, there is no mention of
> the pipe command | Yet in the Unix guide I bought from amazon the pipe
> command is well documented. Is this I something I am doing wrong, yet
> again?
> Peter F James
> please reply to: pfjames at 

You need to get a basic Unix book. Greg's "Complete FreeBSD" doesn't teach
Unix, it tries to be a beginners introduction to FreeBSD but it isn't an
introduction to the shell (the Unix command line).

I'm not familiar with the "beginners introduction to Unix" books on the
market at the moment, maybe some others here can recommend some.

Obvious one's to think about though are the Dummies books or something
suitable from O'Reilly or Wrox which are both good publishers.

Paul Richards
FreeBSD Services Ltd

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