Please clarify pipe command

Mark Blackman mark at
Sun Aug 26 11:03:52 BST 2001

The pipe *operator* is alive and well in FreeBSD. 
Try "man sh"  or "man csh" for details. If you're interested
in the underlying system call, try "man 2 pipe".

In any case, the pipe operator described in your
unix guide should be precisely identical to the one
available in FreeBSD. These days, it ain't unix if ain't got 

One might argue that "Complete FreeBSD" should have
an explicit mention of pipes but they are a 
standard Unix facility and I'm not sure 
what the target audience for "Complete FreeBSD" is.

- Mark

> In my manual Complete Freebsd from Walnut Books, there is no mention of the pipe command |
> Yet in the Unix guide I bought from amazon the pipe command is well documented.
> Is this I something I am doing wrong, yet again?
> Peter F James
> please reply to: pfjames at 

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