Freebsd won't boot

Serge serge at
Sat Aug 25 10:50:28 BST 2001

At 19:01 24/08/2001 +0100, you wrote:
>I loaded and installed Freebsd and got it running.  When I came to log out 
>I used the exit command to exit as user, and then for want of being able to
>find any other command just switched the computer off.  At this point I 
>was at the login? process.
>When I tried to boot-up this morning I get the following error messages, 
>repeated time and time again:-
>Phase1 check blocks and sizes
>Phase 2 check pathnames
>Phase 3 check connectivity
>Phase4 check reference counts
>Phase 5 check cylinder groups
>This process seems to just run and run, with no end.  What do I do from 
>here?  Any help or advice greatly appreciated.

Most likely your system is damaged by improper shutdown - you may need to 
re-install it.

It is very important to shut down the system properly (using command 
"shutdown -h now" or "halt" as user root).

To prevent this from happening in case of electrical power failure - use 
UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), connect UPS signalling cable to serial 
port of the computer, install upsd or upsmond - in case of power loss UPS 
will automatically switch to internal battery to keep the computer running 
for a while, will send "power down" signal to computer, and upsd (or 
upsmond) will shut down the system gracefully.


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