*BSD users meeting on Wed, 29th Aug in London, UK

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Tue Aug 21 16:41:52 BST 2001

Hi Shriman,

At 10:41 21/08/2001, you wrote:
>Hi Serge,
>I'm not familiar with the TechnoClub.  What's that then?
>Will they be meeting in the Star from 5, or somewhere else?

I think it would be better to cancel this month's "BSD TechnoClub" meeting 
(formerly "BSD-SME-SIG") to avoid a potential "clash with *BSD meeting" .. 
however, if anyone would like to pop in on 29-Aug-2001 between 16:00 and 
18:00 on the way to Star in SW1, please by all means do so.

This *new* small club may be regarded as attempt of a few IT business 
people with various BSD experience (from novice to expert) to give back to 
BSD community something of value and *a bit different in format* compared 
to BSD conferences and pub gatherings (pre-organized meetings in a 
technical environment, exchange of news/ideas etc, resulting, in 
particular, in some re-useable BSD experience accumulation, from various 
BSD exercises to a complete BSD self-training course; also introducing new 
users to BSD technology, further BSD peoples co-operation etc).

The initial idea was to form BSD-SME-SIG (BSD for Small to Medium 
Enterprise Special Interest Group), but I found it very difficult to mix 
and match strict business and relaxed voluntary group vectors, 
requirements, interests etc .. this is why I think "BSD Techno Club" should 
be detached from business to make it work for all members (and hopefully 
for wider BSD community as well).

Brief formal description:

NAME                    BSD Technology Club
FUNCTION                BSD technology exposure and social (meeting BSD 
people, news/info exchange)
DESCRIPTION             Non-formal *monthly* gatherings open to BSD 
community: mixture of prepared talks, hands-on HOW-TO, technical demos, 
individual meets/chats by interests, info exchange in a friendly small 
technical party environment (possibly followed by a pub/restaurant, no 
restrictions there)
MEMBERSHIP              free, open to FreeBSD UKUG members & guests from 
wider BSD world
SUGGESTED LEVEL BSD novice to medium (also, some help & guidance from 
expert-level BSD users would be very important)
LIMITATIONS             sadly, there's some: "14 chairs -> up to 14 people" 
per meeting
LOCATION                1 Loveridge Mews, London, NW6 2DP * Tel 020 7328 9191
DAY                     <last week of the month, most likely Wednesday>
TIME                    17:00 to 19:00 more technical, 19:00 to 21:00 more 
social part of the meeting.
VOLUNTEERS              always welcome to bring BSD news, ideas, how-to, 
demos etc (please email in advance and you'll be given all possible help & 
DRINKS                  please bring your favorite soft drink if you can

If you find the idea attractive and willing to participate - I'm open to 
your ideas and suggestions.


>All in all it sounds like there's gonna be quite a few people!
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>Hi Shriman,
>Just a quick note to let you know that this month "BSD TechnoClub" meeting
>was arranged on the same day, starting from 5pm, so people will have a
>chance to attend "A group of *BSD users" meeting in SW1 on 29-Aug-2001,
>Wednesday, after 7pm.
>At 18:00 13/08/2001 +0100, you wrote:
> >Hi FreeBSD people,
> >
> >A group of *BSD users (primarily OpenBSD, but also some Net and Free)
> >are meeting in the Star pub in London SW1 on the evening of Wednesday,
> >29th August.  Approx. 7pm on, though I can't imagine anyone would not
> >know what to do if they arrive at a pub early ;)
> >
> >All *BSD users are welcome -- it'd be good to see you there. If this
> >meeting goes well, who knows, it might actually coalesce into a User
> >Group.
> >
> >Pub info:
> >http://www.streetmap.co.uk/streetmap.dll?G2M?X=528186&Y=179262&A=Y&Z=2
> >http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/dynamic/food/pubs/review.html?in_review_id=21
> >9&in_sector_id=0
> >
> >
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> >
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