"BSD TechnoClub" ("BSD-SME-SIG"): next meeting

Serge serge at intraforum.net
Mon Aug 20 22:03:52 BST 2001

Next "BSD TechnoClub" (formerly "BSD-SME-SIG") meeting - Wednesday, 
29-Aug-2001, 17:00 to 21:00

(please note that there's currently "14 chairs -> up to 14 people" limit: 
if you are willing to attend, please email first)

As usual, members & guests are welcome to bring their laptops/desktops  :-)

Any questions, ideas, suggestions - please email off the list.


NAME 			BSD Technology Club
FUNCTION		BSD technology exposure and social (meeting BSD people, news/info 
DESCRIPTION		Non-formal *monthly* gatherings open to BSD community: mixture 
of prepared talks, hands-on HOW-TO, technical demos, individual meets/chats 
by interests, info exchange in a friendly small  technical party 
environment (possibly followed by a pub/restaurant, no restrictions there)
MEMBERSHIP		free, open to FreeBSD UKUG members & guests from wider BSD world
LIMITATIONS		sadly, there's some: "14 chairs -> up to 14 people" per meeting
LOCATION		1 Loveridge Mews, London, NW6 2DP
DAY			Last Wednsdayday of the month
TIME			17:00 to 19:00 more technical, 19:00 to 21:00 more social part of 
the meeting.
VOLUNTEERS		always welcome to bring BSD news, ideas, how-to, demos etc 
(please email in advance and you'll be given all possible help & assistance)
DRINKS			please bring your favorite soft drink if you can

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