Alcatel Speed Touch USB - Howto's ?

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Fri Aug 17 12:40:22 BST 2001

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On Thu, Aug 16, 2001 at 11:24:37PM +0100, William Cooper wrote:
> A friend of mine has just got ADSL installed and we=92re thinking of
> using his FreeBSD machine as a gateway for the network instead
> of his Windows 2000 Machine. Just wanted to know if theres any
> FreeBSD+ADSL HOWTO's using the Alcatel Speed Touch USB modem crawling
> around the internet ? Or maybe one of you would be so nice to type out=20
> a small walk through ?
> Any input welcome, thanks for the help!

Since it sounds like there isn't, but various useful advice is coming
back from this mailing list, do you feel like collating it all together
in to a small article for the FreeBSD Doc. Project.


PS:  Yes, Neil, I haven't forgotten about your promise to write an
article either. . . :-)
FreeBSD: The Power to Serve   
FreeBSD Documentation Project 

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