Alcatel Speed Touch USB - Howto's ?

Dominic Mitchell dom at
Fri Aug 17 11:19:17 BST 2001

On Fri, Aug 17, 2001 at 09:53:13AM +0100, Brian Somers wrote:
> I'll integrate it into ppp if possible (I haven't actually looked at 
> the software yet, but thanks to Mark's post, I know where to look now 
> :*)

I played with it the other night.  The best thing would probably be to
integrate an example into /usr/share/examples/ppp.conf.sample.  

The other candidate would be the pppoa2 program, which at present is a
separate program to pull ATM packets from the speedtouch over USB.
However, you might well want to leave it as a separate program, for
stability reasons (I saw it core dump several times the other night).

Generally, however, I was surprised by how well and easily the setup

Now I just wish I could afford ADSL at home.  That'll teach me to blow
my tech budget earlier in the year.  :-(


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