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Jonathan Perkin jon.perkin at
Thu Aug 16 10:35:21 BST 2001

On Wed Aug 15, 2001 at 06:29:35PM +0100, Dan Cuthbert wrote:

> Can anyone describe any advantages over using the BSD license over GPL

In simple terms, GPL is the kid in the playground who says "I'll only let
you play with me if you let me play with you, and you use my rules in all
your games", whilst the BSD kid shrugs his shoulders, says "Here's something
I made which I think is cool, do what you want with it as long as you tell
people I made the original" and wanders off to do something interesting.

Do you want your stuff to be available for use for *everybody* in any way
they want, whilst still getting the credit?  Use a BSD licence (or similar,
I use my own variant[.c], another
popular licence used by BSD people is phk's "beerware" licence which is a
bit less anal - about half way down).

Or do you want your stuff only to be used by a small minority, force
everyone who even looks at it to have to use the same licence as yourself,
and not really gain anything in return?  Use GPL.

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