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Jim Dixon jdd at
Wed Aug 15 18:50:26 BST 2001

On Wed, 15 Aug 2001, Dan Cuthbert wrote:

> so there i am pondering who to turn to, and yup its you lot!
> HELP!!!
> Can anyone describe any advantages over using the BSD license over GPL

The GPL is contagious.  If you are not careful, the inclusion of 
GPLed material in your software will make that software fall under
the GPL as well, and in consequence you will be obliged to provide
source code to your work to anyone that you deliver object code to.

Berkeley-style licences aren't like this at all.  They only oblige
the software developer to acknowledge the fact that he or she is
using the other party's code.

If you are a developer and considering one license or the other for
software that you intend to put in the public domain, I would say that 
a Berkeley-style licence is preferred because some people will be put 
off by the Gnu licence.

If you are a software developer and considering using open source
software, I would recommend avoiding GPLed software because of the
potential risks.

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