BSD over GPL

Dominic Marks dominic_marks at
Wed Aug 15 18:45:24 BST 2001


On Wed, Aug 15, 2001 at 06:29:35PM +0100, Dan Cuthbert wrote:
> so there i am pondering who to turn to, and yup its you lot!
> HELP!!!
> Can anyone describe any advantages over using the BSD license over GPL

Incidently, will no doubt have masses of relevent information
on this subject.

BSD License really means potential to make money where as GPL is
protection from money grabbing corporations that want to make computing
a closed world, the classic example being Microsoft. Some people
describe this as the Republicans vs. Democrats (BSD/GPL respectively).
However I dont feel this is especially true. I'm a liberal in political
terms but I don't see anything wrong with making money and if thats all
a company wants to do I don't see why they shouldn't want to protect
themselves with patents/copyrights/and so on.

However there are rules by which this applies. Software patents are
obviously bad and also attempting to take complete control of the
software market, WindowsXP is looking to be this exact thing - very
little if any third party software will be required by most people.

I'll stop now before I get into a few hundred lines of discussion :)

> Cheers
> Dan


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