*BSD users meeting on Wed, 29th Aug in London, UK

Shriman Gurung sg at dataconnection.com
Mon Aug 13 18:00:17 BST 2001

Hi FreeBSD people,

A group of *BSD users (primarily OpenBSD, but also some Net and Free) 
are meeting in the Star pub in London SW1 on the evening of Wednesday, 
29th August.  Approx. 7pm on, though I can't imagine anyone would not 
know what to do if they arrive at a pub early ;)

All *BSD users are welcome -- it'd be good to see you there.  If this
meeting goes well, who knows, it might actually coalesce into a User

Pub info:

--speaking for myself not my employer--

Shriman Gurung
Data Connection Ltd. (DCL)
sg at datcon.co.uk

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