Basic configuration problems.

Mark Blackman mark at
Sun Aug 12 16:51:54 BST 2001

I presume you're referring to a PCCARD network card.
just add 


to your /etc/rc.conf

and the quickest way to access windows files if you're exporting (sharing)
them is to install samba (/usr/ports/net/samba) and use smbclient
as a kind of ftp client. This is the least hassle for a one off,
but it's a bit tedious to do regularly.

If you're willing to invest a bit more work, I've been successfully
using smbfs (/usr/port/net/smbfs) to mount windows shares in my
local filesystem namespace. This requires a kernel module and a bit more
research but works fine so far.

- Mark

> Hi,
> Finally got hold of a network card that is on the supported list. Two
> questions, firstly, I am currently starting the Pc card daemon manually, so
> is there any way I can add this to my boot sequence, and if so, how?
> Secondly, I need to access some files over the network that are on a
> standard W98 machine. How do I do this? can anyone point me to a faq page,
> man page or helpful website?
> Cheers,
> Tim..
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