[Q] FreeBSd and APC UPS

Christopher Raven c.raven at ukonline.co.uk
Wed Aug 8 21:49:20 BST 2001

You are correct, It's not a standard cable. You can either buy this cable 
from APC or, make your own. I am not sure of the exact wiring arrangement 
but, I have seen the cable's wiring plan on the net. It was on one of the 
UNIX UPS daemon pages. Possible the one you are now using.

I suggest a search at linuxdoc.org or a search on linux / unix UPS programs 
to uncover this wiring diagram.

Chris R.

At 10:20 AM 8/8/2001 +0100, Jonathan Belson wrote:
>I've just been setting up a cvs server to use here at
>work...I've managed to blag a UPS (APC 650) and I'm
>trying to figure out how to handle shutting down in
>the event of power loss.
>I've installed upsd but I'm not sure what kind of
>cable to use - I'm lead to belive it's not a standard
>serial cable, is that correct?
>Any advice gratefully received 8^)
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