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Welcome to the London Community News.
Details are (late) for the month of August 2001.

The User Groups:
London Perl Mongers
Home Page: http://london.pm.org
Meetings: http://london.pm.org/meetings/
Contact Email: dave at dave.org.uk
London PM are a group who are dedicated to the encouragement of all things
Perl-like in London.

After the triumphant success of YAPC::Europe (A great time was had by all)
London PM has an emergency meeting planned on the 9th of August due to the 
presence of one of the Perl communities living legends, Randal Schwartz.

The meeting is going to be held at the usual Penderel's Oak and directions,
times and a map can be found on the London PM web page.

Home Page: http://www.lonix.org.uk/
Contact Email: info at lonix.org.uk
The aim of Lonix is quite straightforward although it comprises of
many points. The overall aim is to unite many Linux individuals in and
around London. Below is a list of aims, but you as a member may not
agree to all of them. (Hopefully at least one!)
Meet like minded individuals to share ideas and discuss opinions.
To provide a Linux force in London to persuade the industry to opt
for a more Linux friendly approach to their services and products.
To assist users with problems, providing advice and physical help, do Linux
advocacy and drink too much.

Date: Wednesday 8th August2001
Time: 6pm onwards
Place: Southern Junction Sports Bar - 4-6 Glasshouse Street
Nearest Tube: Piccadilly Circus
Contact: 020 8992 7008 / 07980 224 772
This month we have found a nice new bar which is directly at
Piccadilly Circus Station. The place is situated on the left
of Burger King and under the neon lights at Piccadilly Circus.
There are 3 floors in this place. Look for the level which has
the lonix sign on the door outside. (SECOND BAR)

Home Page: http://gllug.linux.co.uk/
Greater London Linux User Group's (GLLUG) purpose is to bring together
London's Linux users so they can share experiences and expertise (or
revel in their inexperience and quest for expertise), to chat about
the state of the (Linux) world, that sort of thing.
We try to arrange meets so that there is space for users to set up
their equipment, so you are welcome to bring your kit along, either to
go through the problems you are having or just to show off what you
are up to.
There are no formalities to attending a GLLUG meeting, no subscription
or entry fees, you can just turn up on the day. We welcome and
encourage new and inexperienced users, young and old.
Due to the high turnout GLLUG meetings are less frequent than the
other user groups, you can get notification of the next meeting either
on the home page or through this mail but the next meet will probably not
be until after the summer. The mailing list however will stay as busy as

Home Page: http://www.sage-wise.org/
Map: http://www.sage-wise.org/lecture/directions.html
SAGE-WISE is the System Administrators Guild for Wales, Ireland,
Scotland and England, hence the "-WISE" suffix. Our aim is to form a
professional association for system administrators in the UK and
But what is a system administrator?
Professional system administrators, however, often look after large
numbers of computers and networks - they are the people who keep the
systems running, repair faulty discs, install and debug new software,
upgrade existing systems, and generally take care of the computing
resources needed for their users to perform their tasks effectively. A
shorter definition is "A system administrator is one who manages
computers not solely for his or her own use". If you know the joys and
frustrations of this then feel free to come and visit one of our

This months SAGE-WISE meeting is on Tuesday 14th August at the usual time
and place (19:30, Eisai Lounge, University College London, map on the
website) and features a talk lead by Akmal B. Chaudhri on managing XML based
data and solutions on how to implement storage in conjunction with databases.


SLLUG http://www.sllug.org.uk/
The South London Linux Users' Group is a regional LUG that may be of
interest to people that can't make the Central London ones or want to join
another mailing list dedicated to Linux.
No details of the August meet yet so keep an eye on the SLLUG announce list
for details. http://feeler.sllug.org.uk/pipermail/sllug-announce/

FreeBSD UKUG http://www.freebsd-uk.eu.org/
The FreeBSD UKUG is a users' group based in the UK for UK FreeBSD UNIX
Users. No meetings have been announced yet this month but you can look for
details here http://www.freebsd-uk.eu.org/meetings.html

Outside London Events:

This month sees two of the yearly conference highlights with both Hackers at
Large (http://www.hal2001.org/hal/01Home/) and DNSCON (http://www.dnscon.org/)
taking place in the UK.

Also at the tail end of this month is The Linuxbierwanderung 2001 (LBW)
details can be found here: http://lbw2001.ynfonatic.de/ and the LBW may well be
'treated' to a motley crew of GLLUG and Lonix members and maybe even a few
London PMer's in the wild.

			BSDCON Europe
This year sees the first ever BSDCON Europe conference and its lining up to
be an event you need to visit.

The inaugural conference for European BSD users will take place 9-11 November,
2001 at the Thistle Hotel, Brighton, UK. The aim of BSDCon Europe is to provide
a focal point for the many European users and developers of all the BSD 
operating systems. 

The conference format will be similar to BSDCon, with two days of technical 
sessions on the Saturday and Sunday. However, instead of tutorials the first
day of the conference will be used for focus group meetings. The focus groups
can either be training sessions or open-ended "summit" meetings of developers
where the opportunity can be taken to gather together key project members to 
discuss a specific development issue in detail. Conference facilities will be
made available to any group that wishes to arrange a focus group, subject to

Other Stuff:

Event Calendar:
Alasdair Kergon has come up with an essential resource for events all
around the country and then some.
If you have anything you'd like to get added then you can speak to him
at agk at ukuug.org.

IETF Lunch Time Talks.

While the IETF do what they do best in London they have kindly offered to
do some lunch time talks and lectures on networking issues. Dates and
general topics are below but due to number restrictions PLEASE register
before turning up.

Wednesday, 8 August
        Barbara Fraser, Cisco - Security
        Mark Green, CacheFlow Inc. - Content Networking
Thursday, 9 August
        Marco Carugi, Voila/France Telecom - Virtual Private Networks
        Bob Fink, NASA - IPv6
Up-to-the-minute information will be maintained at:


After Tim O'Reilly had to cancel his talk due to tragic circumstances 
Ted Ts'o, Linux Guru and Principal Engineer with VA Linux Systems has
stepped in to capably fill the industry giant sized hole.

His talk on A Decade of Linux is taking place at the same time and
place on as the canceled one: 

Thursday, 9 August 2001 at 6.30 p.m. - 8.00 p.m
Cruciform Building Lecture Theatre 1
(opposite main College entrance)
University College London
Gower Street
London WC1

Any comments (Good or bad), suggestions of groups to add or ideas for
recognition of services to London Community groups are welcome at
dean.wilson3 at virgin.net
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   --- Anon

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