Still can't get e-mail from dogma

Josef Karthauser joe at
Sun Aug 5 23:57:09 BST 2001

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On Sat, Aug 04, 2001 at 05:03:59PM +0100, Mark Ovens wrote:
> Since the telnetd problems were addressed I haven't been able to get my
> e-mail from dogma.
> I can ssh(1) in (and confirm that there's ~8MB of mail waiting for me (I'=
> been on holiday for a week).
> I'm using fetchmail and running ``fetchmail -c'' returns exit code 2 (An
> error was encountered when attempting to open a socket to retrieve mail).
> I last did a make world on 5th July and it was working OK up until the
> changes to fix the telnetd problem.
> Any ideas?
> Please Cc: to parish at so I get any replies. Thanks

Ahha, perhaps Dogma was running a pop3 daemon in the past and isn't now.
Looking there is one installed, but not set up in inetd - probably my
mistake when I removed all the unnecessary stuff from there during the
telnetd panic.  I've added an entry for popper, and confirmed that it
runs.  What happens now?


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