Affilliation with the UKUUG

Paul Richards paul at
Thu Aug 2 00:36:40 BST 2001

--On Friday, July 27, 2001 23:25:50 +0100 Nik Clayton <nik at>

> Anyone got any objections if I spent some time investigating (and
> probably getting) the FreeBSD UG affiliated with the UK Unix User Group?

Investigating no problems, getting, well I think that requires some
What are the benefits of UKUG affiliation and does that preclude us being
part of other organisations? What does being an affiliate require of us?

Do we want to be a part of the UKUG or do we want our own UG, possibly
affiliated with an EU BSD user community?

Bear in mind that the FreeBSD UK UG doesn't really exist and all we really
are is a mailing list and a web site run be Lee and Joe.

There are issues to consider. Do some fact finding certainly but there's
nothing in reality that you can affiliate to the UKUG until you establish a
real FreeBSD UG, and in the process of doing that you might find out
whether it should be affiliated to the UKUG or not.


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