that there dogma box

Ian Pallfreeman ip at
Wed Aug 1 15:15:36 BST 2001

I've just rebooted dogma since there was no way else to get into it. I don't
have the root password, or indeed my own password, and rely on rsh/rlogin to
get in (and to do backups), and they'd been commented out of inetd.conf. I've
added them back, disabled telnet, then re-enabled it now I think it's safe.

I'm aware that people think using rsh/rlogin with a .rhosts is insecure, but
have never been able to figure out why. I suspect it's something to do with
IP address spoofing, but naively think this isn't going to be possible if the 
only addresses I put into .rhosts are permanently online. Anyone want to burst
my bubble?


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