Making world and other questions

George Richard Russell george.russell at
Tue Sep 26 21:43:39 BST 2000

I want to upgrade from 4.0 to 4.1, and would like a little help along
the way.

Some of the handbook instructions are confusing to me.

Last time, I just did make world, made a new kernel, rebooted and went
down on flames.

I have a 800Mhz Athlon with 128Mb RAM and 20Gb disc space, so compiling
world takes about an hour ;-)

I need this to run StarOffice 5.2 in Linux emulation.

So far - I have updated my source from cvs.
I have made buildworld , but not a new kernel.

What should I do next (cautious advice if possible - there is no backup
media bigger than 1.44Mb ;-) but, otoh, no really important stuff
either. Just a CivCTP saved game or two.

Other questions

How do I modify a ports configuation before it is compiled? eg, make Qt
2 link in gif, licq use its KDE2 gui rather than Qt only, and get vim to
compile a gtk front end?

Has anyone ever heard of VIA 82C686 AC97 Audio? Its an on board audio
controller I have, is there any support? It wasn't under Linux, at
least, not working but detected once.

George Russell

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