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On Mon, Sep 25, 2000 at 07:36:38PM +0100, Brian 'Astrolox' Wojtczak wrote:
> Hi all,
> I know there is a FreeBSD ISDN list however I thought I would email the UK 
> Users list first for the simple reason it's in the UK.
> My friend is looking to install ISDN in the FreeBSD firewall that I set up 
> for him. I said he should get an ISDN card and pointed him at the FreeBSD 
> handbook ( ) to find out which are 
> compatible.  The problem we have is that it is very vague and rather 
> contradictory to other information on the web.
> Is anyone on the list using ISDN on a FreeBSD machine ?  If so what 
> hardware are you using ? and where can we get the same hardware ?
I'm using an old pentium machine and a Teles 16.3 ISDN card.  For
a list of supported ISDN card take a look in /usr/src/sys/i386/conf/LINT
and search for I4B.  Be careful, not all cards are supported - if
you've got any doubt send a mail to the isdn mailing list
(isdn at and hopefully Hellmuth will answer if no-one
else knows.

> The telephone line that he wants this on is BT home highway not ISDN 2e - I 
> think they are almost the same thing but might be wrong.. any insights to 
> any problems this may cause us ?

I find that it behaves exactly the same - although there are different
kinds of exchange problems that can occur (problems on BT's network).
> Also does anyone have an tips regarding using and configuring ISDN under 
> FreeBSD ?

Yes :)  Look in /usr/share/examples/ppp/.  Copy isdnd.rc to /etc/isdn.
Copy ppp.conf.isdn to /etc/ppp/ppp.conf and edit the username, password
and telephone number. :)

> Any and all information is appreciated, even if it is just a URL. We really 
> need as much help as we can get on this as the information we already have 
> is confusing the hell out of both of us.

Whoops - maybe I gave you a bit too much info :)  Sorry if I spoilt
the fun of chasing it down.

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