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Mark Ovens marko at
Mon Sep 25 20:07:34 BST 2000

On Mon, Sep 25, 2000 at 07:42:02PM +0100, Adrian Fisher wrote:
> I am a new comer to Unix in general and Free BSD in particular. I wish to
> setup and use Free BSD on my system and want a good online tutorial that
> will allow me to learn how to configure and use my new M$ free computer.
> Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you in advance.

First lesson: Set your mailer to wrap lines at ~70 characters ;)

Three good starting points for you are

If you are really keen (and you sound it - "my new M$ free computer") then
Grag Lehey's book The Complete FreeBSD is exactly what the title says. You
can get it in the UK from

Note that the "4.0" in the description there, "The Complete FreeBSD 4.0
Book and CDs" refers to the software version on the CDs, not the edition of
the book (the book the sell is the 3rd edition).

This mailing list and freebsd-questions and freebsd-newbies
( are an excellent
source of help and information.

Welcome aboard!

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