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Mon Sep 25 19:56:47 BST 2000

> I am a new comer to Unix in general and Free BSD in particular.  I wish 
> to setup and use Free BSD on my system and want a good online 
> tutorial that will allow me to learn how to configure and use my 
> new M$ free computer.
> Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you in advance.

While not a substitute for thinking for yourself:

I have some MultiBoot OS tutorials (based around FreeBSD 3.3)
Am meaning to update them to FreeBSD 4.x but my development
PC is on loan to someone else.  I don't think there is that
great a difference last I checked. (I would suggest going
for the latest FreeBSD distribution - not 3.3)

Minimum/X-windows -  CD-ROM and Network.  These also go
through turning all services off in preparation for
only enabling the services you would want to use.
(makes it harder for hackers to try and get into 
the system)

There are also some redhat Linux install tutorials at: 

I am more a fan of FreeBSD - but one useful thing you 
can do with Redhat Linux is have it determine the 
correct setup for X to use in case you get confused 
with the FreeBSD.  (Redhat is quite slick in this regard)

This may no longer be relevant with the latest FreeBSD(?).

FreeBSD is much nicer than Linux in being confident about
having a hard to hack computer - plus the may the ports
and after install system management are done is very nice
compared to Linux.  Plus FreeBSD seems much more robust
than Linux in terms of what abuse/network load it can 


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