Installing SoundBlaster 16 PCI on FreeBSD 3.2?

David Marsh dm at
Sat Sep 23 01:50:27 BST 2000

I have a SoundBlaster 16 PCI soundcard, which I am trying to install
under FreeBSD 3.2.

Unfortunately, upon reading the handbook entry on sound cards, I've
realised that it seems to mention ISA soundcards rather a lot, and PCI,
not at all... :-(

Is it possible to get this PCI soundcard working under FreeBSD 3.2, and
if so, how?

I'm afraid I'm not overly familiar with the murky workings of PC

I do have IRQ numbers, I/O numbers (addresses?) and DMA numbers (not
sure if these are IRQs or what?) from another OS <koff> for "normal" and
'legacy' (MS-DOS?) modes for the soundcard, which I'm sure will be of
use in configuring the card, but I'm not sure which set of numbers I
should be using, and what the format of the line(s) I should be adding
to my kernel config file are.

I've hopped around various FreeBSD webpages looking for info, and I get
the impression that I should be using the pcm device to use this card
(rather than snd) (?), but I'm not entirely sure where to go from here..

Any help would be much appreciated.



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