Compiling mySQL

Guy Harper guy at
Wed Sep 20 00:40:04 BST 2000

On Tue, Sep 19, 2000 at 05:05:31PM +0100, Steve Roome wrote:
> Saw this recently on the -stable mailing list, you need to compile
> that bit of code -O0 and it looks like a problem (again) with the
> gcc optimizer.

Sounds like a reasonable explanation. I have decided to install the port of mySQL instead, but so far it has succeded only in rebooting my PC... :(
I think I need a new one..... incidentally, someone mentioned as a supplier of BSD systems. I checked their site, and they do indeed offer some tempting systems, and are prepared to preinstall (I guess this also means support?) FreeBSD. Has anyone purchased from DNUK?
Any comments regarding their equipment/service/etc ?

> I guess I'm the 30th person to reply by now though, sorry =)
3rd, and the help is much appreciated, so don't apologise :)



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