Boot prompt problem after installation

Kevin Robert Matthew Fitzgerald krm+atlweb at
Wed Sep 6 21:04:46 BST 2000

Dear News group readers, 
I have installed Free BSD onto my laptop's hard drive
and want it as the only OS on the machine
but after the process of installation I cannot get the system to boot.
I get the following messages at start up - 

F1 Free BSD


>>Free BSD/i386 BOOT
>>Free BSD/i386 BOOT

The prompt responds to '?'
with . .. usr dev etc cdrom tmp 
but I cannot get a response to any other prompt I try. I believe 
from man pages I have read that Free BSD has actually loaded
onto the PC but I do not know how to proceed.

Any advice would be extremely appreciated - kind regards Kevin Fitzgerald.

Roderick Boekdrukker
meyho information systems ltd

The Business Village
Broomhill Road
London SW18 4JQ

email : r.boekdrukker at
tel.: +44 (0)181 871 5189
      +44 (0)802 871 5189

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