Perl 5.6

Paul Civati paul at
Wed Sep 6 12:24:13 BST 2000

Jose Marques <noway at> wrote:

> I've got to the point where I'll need to start using Perl 5.6 (for
> compatibility between systems at work).  Given that 4.1-STABLE has 5.005 I
> was wondering what would be the best way to manage this.  Some
> possibilities that come to mind:
> 1) Install Perl 5.6 alongside the system Perl (e.g. in /usr/local).  Is
> this practical?

If you ever need to de-install it, or upgrade, I would not use /usr/local
as the base for installing perl (or any other large package) because
everything will scattered throughout sub-directories under there
and it will be difficult to remove all traces of it.

I recommend you install your perl 5.6 with the base dir as something
like /usr/local/perl5.6, you can then link /usr/local/perl5.6/bin/perl
to somewhere sensible, ie. /usr/local/bin/perl or wherever.  This is
much easier to remove.


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