In need of some help :X-server

Richard Smith rdls at
Mon Sep 4 08:30:51 BST 2000

Robin Gray wrote:
>  as a new user to unix I decided to go for Freebsd 4.1, but the problems I
> am having are that x-server when finished configuring presents me with a
> screen of white dots with a big x in the middle and I can nothing about it
> apart from re-boot the machine.
> I am at my wits end as I have been trying to configure the freebsd for many
> weeks now and always the same thing.

I never configure X during the installation of FreeBSD. Get FreeBSD
installed (including the X distributions), but say NO when asked to
configure X. At least now, you'll finish the installation and
(hopefully) have a working FreeBSD. The next job is to find out why X
isn't working properly. Incidently, there are two programs that you can
use to configure X, the CLI one `xf86config' and the GUI one
`XF86Setup', after that you can start X using `startx' from the command
line. If you get stuck in X, often CTRL-ALT-backspace will exit back to
the command prompt.


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