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Jonathan Perkin sketchy at netcraft.com
Tue Oct 31 15:47:24 GMT 2000

On Tue, Oct 31, 2000 at 03:23:46pm +0000, Adrian Wontroba wrote:

> One I'm contemplating is a not very powerful PC (system unit only, 128
> MB, Celeron 600, Intel PCI 10/100 network card, floppy, low end video
> card), stuffed with 4 * at least 30 GB IDE drives, used as a file (and
> perhaps mail) server, with much of the space used by Vinum mirrored and
> striped drives, or even RAID5.  I suspect that this will be cheaper
> than, say, a Quantum Snap 1000 server.  I also suspect that buying a
> built machine will also be cheaper than buying the bits.
> I've never used Vinum - does it work?  Any lurking gotchas?  (At one
> time I experienced endless woe because of Sequent's volume manager).

The mirrored and striped vinum setup (aka RAID-10) has proved pretty
reliable in my experience, although for copying large files it doesn't
work as well as a hardware solution (ie taking ~20 mins to copy a 5Gb
file across the same partition).  Playing around with the stripe size
definitely has benefits, check grog's page (www.vinumvm.org) and
vinum(8) for some hints.

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