SCSI Hardware RAID Solution suggestions required

Simon Clayton Simon at
Mon Oct 30 17:11:04 GMT 2000

Does anyone use hardware SCSI RAID?  If so what card are you using to do the

We have a ProLiant 1600 which I built using the Smart2 (not sure which one -
2SL or 2P but I can't remember which one was in at the time!) RAID card as
SCSI controller although not with a RAID disk set - the problem that I had
was that FreeBSD 4.0 would build but would fall over at different times.
Sometimes it would get all the way through the install and then crash on
boot, other times it would just crash during install.

We removed the Smart2 and put the disks onto the standard SCSI controller
and everything works perfectly including the Compaq NetFlex integrated
10/100 NIC, hot swap power supplies etc - maybe we should be getting Compaq
to add FreeBSD to their list of supported OSs.

So, if anyone can recommend a hardware SCSI RAID card I would be very


Simon Clayton
Reference Technology Ltd

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