Douglas Adams, ApacheCon, and horns aplenty

Nik Clayton nik at
Sat Oct 28 19:14:46 BST 2000

On Fri, Oct 27, 2000 at 06:06:06AM -0700, Alfred Perlstein wrote:
> What percentage of the audiance/conferece were wearing the horns?  Just
> wonderdering how much of a presense we had.

Dunno what the percentage was.  I think ApacheCon had about 1,200 visitors
over two days, about 500 or so where there for the technical conference
as well.

We have away about 300 FreeBSD 4.0 CDs (maybe a bit more than 300, I don't
have the figures in front of me).  Also, we (BSDi) sponsored the proceedings
for the show, which were on CD.  This gave us about 250MB of space on the
proceedings CD to use, so I put the CVS tree on it (gzip'd, obviously).

As for a show presence, we had a 3x3m booth.  I don't have pictures on the
web yet, but I'll try and sort something out.

Oh yeah, we also got horns on the people manning the registration desks,
and on all the conference staff who were wandering around handing out drinks
and nibbles after the keynotes.  People were definitely aware that the
daemon was there.

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