Recovering a lost partition table

Roger McCalman roger at
Fri Oct 27 22:21:46 BST 2000

Hi folks,

I have managed to corrupt the partition table on my primary
IDE hard disk. I was trying to put another disk in and the BIOS
zeroed out the first few blocks of the drive.

Is there anywhere that a copy is saved?

I looked though the disk for the FS_MAGIC and then verified that
the rest of the data was sensible and then used fdisk
to create a partition. So I have managed to mount (read-only)
the root filesystem.

What I want now is a way of rembering what sizes the partitions
and BSD slices were.

Any help would be much appreciated.

OS on duff disk is FreeBSD 4.0. I have another drive on the machine
running FreeBSD 3.3 and so can do most things to the disk.

Cheers, Roger

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