More on wirless and dhcp

Neil Ford neil at
Thu Oct 19 22:39:28 BST 2000

Well I now have a semi working wireless lan in the house. I finally went with
an Apple Airport as the base station ans Orinico Gold cards for the laptops.
(The reason for choosing the Gold cards is that whilst they can't do strong
encryption with the Airport, it has a silver card inside, we will possibly be
using the cards in locations that do. For the small difference in cost it was
worth it.)

The Airport is set-up to do DHCP for the wireless devices and is working
superbly with a windows client.

My problem is that I can't seem to quite get the pieces in the right order to
get the card to do teh same under FreeBSD. I have the wi driver in the kernel,
and the bpf device as well, I have a setup script for the card and a suitably
modified pccard.conf, but I can't quite work out what needs to be in rc.conf
and at what point I should call dhclient.

I'm going to keep plugging away at it but any and all pointers would be

Neil Ford
neil at / neil at

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