burning audio CDs

Ben Smithurst ben at FreeBSD.org
Wed Oct 18 15:22:23 BST 2000

Dominic Mitchell wrote:

> Just a thought, but have you tried converting from wav to pcm files and
> writing those instead?  I'm pretty sure that wav files splatted directly
> onto a CD won't be readable to the average player...

Well, a friend of a friend says you need to burn it was WAVs.  The sox(1)
manpage implies I should convert to .cdr format (i.e. sox foo.wav
foo.cdr) when burning to an audio CD, but that didn't work at all.
(Listening to it through the CD-ROM drive sounds like white noise.)
For now I might try different CDs and see if that helps.

Ben Smithurst / ben at FreeBSD.org

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