Wireless networking (again)

Roger Hardiman roger at cs.strath.ac.uk
Mon Oct 16 08:40:51 BST 2000

> I was thinking of a new Lucent/Orinoco card for the FreeBSD machine.

Orinico is just the new name for WaveLan.
I use the Orinoco drivers with my old wavelan hardware on

> > For those in the know, I've got an Access Point to, but
> > FreeBSD does not want to use that.

> That's a bummer as I need support for more than one machine and therefore
> really need to be able to talk to an access point of some sort.
> I suppose in theory there must be some way to use a FreeBSD box as an access
> point, might require a special version on the card though.

Not having an access point should not be a problem.
You would need a FreeBSD box with a PCMCIA adapter card and a WaveLAN
installed. Then you want to enable bridging between your ethernet and
your wavelan device.

You can then have a large number of wireless machines dotted around
your home or office, talking to each other and to the FreeBSD bridge.
and via the bridge, to the rest of your network and beyond.


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