MUMPS Programmer Resume (27 years experience)

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Fri Oct 13 23:40:50 BST 2000

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>===== Original Message From "Charles Volkstorf" <charlievolkstorf at> 
>Charles S. Volkstorf
>29 Concord Ave. # 710
>Cambridge, MA 02138
>Dear Employer,
>In response to your job notice, I have been programming exclusively in the
>MUMPS programming language since 1973. My entire professional life has been
>devoted to MUMPS. I have worked for 8 Hospitals, 4 HMO's (Health
>Maintenance Organizations), 3 Universities, 3 Commercial Laboratories and
>12 Vendors, for a total of 30 different MUMPS users. Much of my work has
>been with the popular IDX System.
>My detailed resume can be copied and pasted (ctrl A = select all, ctrl C =
>copy and ctrl V = paste) from either of two web sites:
> or
>Please feel free to copy either of these links into your browser to access
>my resume.  I can also email you a copy if you will send a request to me at
>chvol at .
>I can work anywhere under contract. Please forward copies of my resume to
>your branch offices.
>If you have need for any MUMPS programming expertise, please feel free to
>contact me.
>Charles Volkstorf
>chvol at
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