Problems with .fetchmailrc on 5.3.0

Richard Smith rdls at
Fri Oct 13 09:25:25 BST 2000

Simon Clayton wrote:
> If .fetchmailrc has multiple users for delivery everything gets delivered to
> postmaster at localhost with the message "X-Fetchmail-Warning: recipient
> address stevefm at didn't match any local name".

You might want to look at the "no dns" and the "aka" options (I can't
remember why I needed the "no dns"):

poll protocol POP3 no dns aka
	user username password mypass to *

> My understanding of fetchmail is that it retreives mail from a single pop3
> mailbox and delivers it to a mail server on the local machine for delivery
> to individual pop3 boxes - what am I doing wrong?

Multiple user mode is not guaranteed to work. If the pop3 server does
not insert the envelope into the header (e.g. X-Originally-To) and the
recipient is a BCC then fetchmail has no way of delivering the message.


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