Problems with .fetchmailrc on 5.3.0

Simon Clayton Simon at
Fri Oct 13 08:31:31 BST 2000

I have installed a vanilla copy of fetchmail from the ports collection on a
vanilla 4.0 box.  I don't have X running on the machine fetchmail will be on
so I ran fetchmailconf on another machine, created the .fetchmailrc and
copied it to the right machine.

I have a number of test users on the box - all of which can sucessfully
recieve mail via Sendmail/popper.

When I use fetchmail to retrieve messages from a pop3 box on the internet it
does one of a two of things.

If .fetchmailrc has multiple users for delivery everything gets delivered to
postmaster at localhost with the message "X-Fetchmail-Warning: recipient
address stevefm at didn't match any local name".

If .fetchmailrc has only one user entry everything gets delivered to that
user no matter who it is addressed to.

My understanding of fetchmail is that it retreives mail from a single pop3
mailbox and delivers it to a mail server on the local machine for delivery
to individual pop3 boxes - what am I doing wrong?

Here is a copy of the .fetchmailrc with the secure bits changed

# Configuration created Thu Oct 12 12:29:33 2000 by fetchmailconf
set postmaster "postmaster"
set bouncemail
set properties ""
poll with proto POP3
       user username there with password mypass is simonfm stevefm here

Any ideas would be gratefully recieved.


Simon Clayton
Reference Technology Ltd

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