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Simon Griffiths simon.g at
Wed Oct 11 16:36:30 BST 2000

Many thanks Richard....

I'd actually forgotten to even look at the handbook (tsk!).  Everything
seems to be fine on the FreeBSD front, the printer is happy and all the jobs
seem to be going through ok.

Now its just the samba side of things, heh, darn thing will only print a
maximum of 1mb of any job.  Time to dig into the samba doc's i do beleive.

Thanks for your help and guidance.

Simon Griffiths

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> Simon Griffiths wrote:
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> > Hi,
> >
> > I remember some time ago when mandrake ruled the show here
> (sorry, not my
> > decision) we had a couple of boxes setup just for print serving
> over samba
> > with them having HP DJ690C's hanging off the back of them.
> Since this time
> > I've replaced every linux box in the building, all three of
> them :), with
> > FreeBSD.  Now, the issue of samba printing comes back up and I've got
> > absolutely no idea how to setup FreeBSD to do all the necessary
> filtering
> > for the HP's and was wondering if anyone out there has any
> links/pointers on
> > how to do this.
> The handbook, either on a local machine or at
> provides a fairly
> comprehensive description for getting printers/filters/postscript
> running under FreeBSD.
> I would expect that once you have your printers working under FreeBSD,
> getting samba to share them would be a snip.
> Richard.
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