Restore hang query

Jose Marques noway at
Mon Oct 9 12:10:22 BST 2000

At work we have one AlphaServer 1200 running DU4.0D and a FreeBSD box
running 4.1-STABLE (I've not yet persuaded my boss to let me install
FreeBSD on the Alpha).  We are backing up the AlphaServer to a DAT unit on
the FreeBSD box using dump, ssh and team.  Backups work fine, however
interactive restores appear to hang: I get the restore prompt but "ls"
hangs, "mt status" shows no records being read.  Has anybody seen this
problem before?  Any advice on what may be going wrong and what I can do
about it?

On the Alpha:
using the digital dump command
ssh version 1.2.27
dump command:
/usr/sbin/dump -0uf - <fs> | /usr/local/bin/ssh1 -c blowfish <host> '/usr/local/bin/team 64k 16 > /dev/nrsa0'
restore command:
/usr/local/bin/ssh1 -c blowfish <host> '/usr/local/bin/team 64k 16 < /dev/nrsa0' | /sbin/restore -f - -i

As an interim fix I've re-enabled the r-commands so that we can run
rrestore on the Alpha but I'm not too happy with the security implications
of this.  BTW. Is it possible to get rshd and co working with PAM?  The
only way I could get them to work was to re-compile rshd with the NOPAM

Jose Marques

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