Dual Booting Win98 and FBSD

Andrew Boothman 0094187 at sms.ed.ac.uk
Sat Oct 7 17:09:53 BST 2000


I would like to dual boot Win'98 and FreeBSD-STABLE from a 
couple of weeks ago.

I already have FreeBSD-STABLE installed on a 3Gb drive on the 
system that is almost completely full.

What I would like to do is to install Win'98 on the first half of a new 
20Gb drive and make that the 'primary disk' (master on first IDE 
Interface) so this will be the disk that the BIOS tries to boot. I 
would then like to give the second half of the drive to a new 
FreeBSD slice.

Now, If I go ahead and install Win'98 on the new primary disk, how 
will I get BootEasy installed on the new disk, that after all isn't 
going to contain a FreeBSD partition to boot off?

And if I do move the existing drive onto the secondary IDE interface 
won't this confuse FreeBSD as it will look in the wrong place for the 
kernel and the other exisiting partitions?

How should I get around this? Can someone think of a procedure to 
follow so this goes smoothly?

I found the "Multi OS" tutorial, but it doesn't seem to cover some of 
the questions I am asking here.

Many thanks!!

Andrew Boothman

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