hlt bug on Amd K6-233

Mike Ralphson mike_ralphson at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 6 12:47:29 BST 2000


wanting to have a bit more control over (what's installed etc on) my box at
home, I've stuck FreeBSD 4-release on there.

When running linux I have to use the 'no-hlt' kernel option to prevent the
machine rebooting at odd moments - I believe due to a processor bug, or
possibly the gigabyte motherboard not being 100% ok with the Amd.

FreeBSD was doing a bit better, but now reboots whenever I run
/stand/sysinstall, regardless of whether I'm running my recompiled kernel

Is there a way to prevent the FreeBSD kernel using the hlt instruction? I
have RTFM (where M= faq and handbook)!

Cheers, Mike

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