Printing Query

Richard Smith rdls at
Fri Oct 6 11:29:11 BST 2000

Simon Griffiths wrote:
> Hi,
> I remember some time ago when mandrake ruled the show here (sorry, not my
> decision) we had a couple of boxes setup just for print serving over samba
> with them having HP DJ690C's hanging off the back of them.  Since this time
> I've replaced every linux box in the building, all three of them :), with
> FreeBSD.  Now, the issue of samba printing comes back up and I've got
> absolutely no idea how to setup FreeBSD to do all the necessary filtering
> for the HP's and was wondering if anyone out there has any links/pointers on
> how to do this.

The handbook, either on a local machine or at provides a fairly
comprehensive description for getting printers/filters/postscript
running under FreeBSD. 

I would expect that once you have your printers working under FreeBSD,
getting samba to share them would be a snip.


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