Passes for Webmaster 2000

Nik Clayton nik at
Thu Oct 5 17:26:32 BST 2000

Hi chaps,

I've got 10 passes for WebMaster 2000, which is running Wednesday/Thursday
next week.

These don't actually save you any money, since you can get in to the show
for free, but they do save queuing time if you haven't already booked your
ticket.  BSDi will be taking a stand, so if you'd like to come up and 
discuss what's going to happen (and what has happened) then feel free.
As normal, FreeBSD 4.0 CDs (Disc 1) will be available, and I should have
a batch of horns there too.  Those that are interested in hardware will 
also get the chance to see some representative samples of the BSDi hardware
range being put through its paces (including hardware RAID, if that's 
what gets you excited).

Depending on how shattered I am at the end of the day, I might be up for a
few beers post-show as well.

First 10 respondees get the passes. . .

Internet connection, $19.95 a month.  Computer, $799.95.  Modem, $149.95.
Telephone line, $24.95 a month.  Software, free.  USENET transmission,
hundreds if not thousands of dollars.  Thinking before posting, priceless.
Somethings in life you can't buy.  For everything else, there's MasterCard.
  -- Graham Reed, in the Scary Devil Monastery

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