Need some Help

Richard Smith rdls at
Wed Oct 4 08:34:30 BST 2000

mel bessaha wrote:
> To all BSD Gurus,
> Forgive my ignorance in advance, Im still learning.
> I have installed freeBSD on my Netfinity 3500 server successfully, only
> I am unable to configure my ethernet adapter in sysinstall. It is not
> present as a network interface for me to configure, I assume bsd had
> trouble picking it up during the initial probe.  I have positively
> identified the ethernet adapter to be an IBM EtherJet OnBoard adapter
> after visiting IBM's online documentation. I was wondering if freeBSD
> supported this device, and how to go about getting it working properly
> with the OS if BSD does support it.

The EtherJet should be supported by the `cs' device driver which is
included as standard in 4.1 (GENERIC). The output of the `dmesg' command
might be useful in determining why it hasn't been detected. If you post
that here, complete, we can take a look at it.


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