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Neil Ford neil at
Tue Oct 3 14:58:24 BST 2000

On Tue, 03 Oct 2000 14:14:56 +0100, Roger Hardiman said:

> Brian,
>  > Is anyone on the list using ISDN on a FreeBSD machine ?
>  Yes.
>  Originally bought the BT Highway ISDN PCI card 
>  (only 49 pounds)
>  and it is supported by the FreeBSD ISDN code (I4B)
>  However, we wanted to do v.110 and v.120 calls
>  which I4B did not support.
>  So we spent 200 pounds on an external ISDN TA
>  from Hayes.
>  It plugs into a serial port on the PC and actually
>  replaced an external modem we had there before.
>  Simple to set up (just AT codes and a good manaual is
>  included) and works great.

Will that do dual channel? What with Demon supporting ISDN and surftime,
unmetered 128K might be the way to go.

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