NTL Cable Modem

Duncan Barclay dmlb at ragnet.demon.co.uk
Sun Nov 19 22:20:52 GMT 2000

On 19-Nov-00 Jonathan Belson wrote:
> Roger Hardiman wrote:
>> I'm on NTLWorld dia a modem, and the cutoff time is around 2 hours.
>> But as Duncan was asking about Cable Modem he will be
>> online all the time.
>> Other NTL Cable users I've spoken too ask the IP address you get
>> (via the DHCP) usyally stays permanent for over 6 months too.
> <duh>  Sorry, had a bit of a heavy night last night.

No problem.

Anyway, from all the replies from here and elsewhere it should be a breeze,
just DHCP the thing. The only difficluties will be "local" network issues,
like the firewall, routing to Windows boxes on wireless and wired LAN,
uneducating the rest of the family to use it after 6pm...

In all should be a fun few days!


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