K6-3 450 runs slow

Paul Civati paul at xciv.org
Sun Nov 12 14:21:59 GMT 2000

I have a K6-3 450 machine, on an ASUS P5A m/b, 128M SDRAM.

It was running Debian 2.1 before, but I've just installed 4.1.1 and
realised it seems to be running very slowly.

ie. building a kernel takes 20 minutes.

Testing against another machine here, building fvwm 2.2.4:

P233-MMX, 64M, 2940 SCSI: 

  121.200u 10.673s 2:53.23 76.1%  1038+2322k 363+3268io 9pf+0w

K6-3 450, 128M, 2940AU SCSI: 

  233.916u 13.636s 4:16.61 96.4%  1793+3074k 66+472io 8pf+0w

This can't be right?

I've checked the obvious, memory is PC100 and the m/b is running at
100MHz, internal/external caches are enabled in the BIOS.

Anyone have any ideas?


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