RFA -- Mounting Internal Zip Drive

B O'Fallon bof at americanisp.net
Sun Nov 12 04:55:22 GMT 2000

I am trying to mount my Iomega ATAPI internal ZIP 100 drive. According
to the /var/log/messages file:

    /kernel: afd0: 96MB <Iomega ZIP 100 aTAPI> [342/64/96] at ata1-slave

using PIO0

Nothing I issue will mount the drive. If I issue

    mount -t msdos /dev/afd0s4 /mnt or mount -t msdos /dev/afd0c /mnt

I get a device not configured message.

If I issue

    mount_msdos /dev/afd0 /mnt or mount_msdos /dev/afd0c /mnt

I get a bad (or unrecognized, I don't remember) superblock

The disk in the drive is formatted as the standard ZIP disk, and under
Linux is seen as vfat on drive hdd4.

Please advise.


B O'Fallon

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