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Roger Hardiman roger at cs.strath.ac.uk
Sat Nov 11 11:48:12 GMT 2000

"xavier.F xavier.F" wrote:
> Hai,
> Can u help me to get some software with which i can have my Tv card BT484
> working on 486 machine

Firstly, I think you hardware will not be good enough.
Watching TV does not need a fast CPU (when using DGA mode) but
it does need a good PCI chipset.

You need the bktr driver
Use "man bktr" for more information.

FreeBSD 2.2.x and 3.x users need to make a custom kernel
FreeBSD 4.x and 5.x users can load a special driver at boot time
and use their existing kernel.

To watch TV, use the FXTV Port in /usr/ports/graphics/fxtv

I think you'll find the chipset on a 486 is not
good enough to stream video from the Bt848.

Older PCI chipsets (eg on 486 and P-60 machines) were PCI 1.0 or 2.0
and could only transfer 32 megabytes of data per second.

All modern PCI chipsets handle 132 Megabytes per second of PCI
data transfer.

Small imags will be ok with 32 megabytes per second, but for
full screen video, you need a better motherboard.


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